Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sudden Death Overtime: Wednesday, May 20th 2009


Blood Tsunami - Personal Exorcism
Susperia - Live My Dreams
Woods of Ypres
- Deepest Roots: The Belief That All is Lost
- Darkest Blues: The Relief That Nothing Can Be Done
Primordial - Empire Falls
- Tumefaction
- Neon Corpse
- Demon-Haunted World
Black Sabbath - Into the Void
Orodruin - Unspeakable Truth
Abscess - Empty Horizon
Bolt Thrower - Lost Souls Domain
- Terminal Existence
- End to Suffering
- No One and Nothing
Iron Maiden - Caught Somewhere in Time
Slough Feg - Simian Manifesto
Carcass - Exhume to Consume
General Surgury - Mortuary Wars
Kill the Client
- Downfall
- False Flag Attack
- Red State Redneck
- A Mockery of Guidance
Edge of Sanity - Twilight
In Flames - Lord Hypnos
- Sick of This World
- Turned Inside Out
- Three Strikes
- I Saw It Too
- Hostage
Hail of Bullets - Red Wolves of Stalin

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