Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sudden Death Overtime: Thursday April 30th 2009


Immortal - Blacker than Blackness
Primordial - Infernal Summer
Winter's Bane - Heart of a Killer
Cage - Philadelphia Experiment
Venom - Countess Bathory
Piledriver - Metal Inquisition
Cynic - I'm But A Wave To...
Control Denied - Expect the Unexpected
Slough Feg - The Hunchback of Notre Doom
Candlemass - Bewitched
Brutal Truth - Sugardaddy
Abysmal Dawn - Grotesque Modern Art
Obscura - The Anti-Cosmic Overload
Pestilence - Parracide
Gorguts - The Erosion of Sanity
Dragonforce - Heroes of Our Time
Helloween - Future World
I - Warriors
Unleashed - To Asgaard We Fly
Iron Maiden - Prowler
Brocas Helm - Into the Ithilstone
- Down For Life

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sudden Death Overtime: Tuesday April 28th 2009


Malebolgia - Veiled Impurity
Agiel - Andromeda
Vital Remains - Scorned
Immolation - Dead to Me
Emperor - Thus Spake the Nightspirit (live)
Absu - Ye Uttuku Spells
Enslaved - Vertebrae
Cynic - Celestial Voyage
- The Golden Spiral
- Heathen Tribes
- Tervaskanto
- Rise
Moonsorrow - Tuleen Ajettu Maa / A Land Driven Into The Fire
Iron Maiden - Flight of Icarus
Wolf - Mr. Twisted
Heaven and Hell - Rock and Roll Angel
Lion's Share - Heavy Cross to Bear
Slough Feg - Ape Outro

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sudden Death Overtime: Monday April 27th 2009


My Dying Bride - Fall With Me
Tiamat - In a Dream
Mantic Ritual - Executioner
Slayer - Raining Blood
Brutal Truth - Evolution Through Revolution
Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Timelord Two (Paradoxical Reaction)
Moonsorrow - Taistelu Pohjalasta (2008 Version)
Primordial - To the Ends of the Earth
Heaven and Hell - Atom and Evil
Iron Maiden - Run Silent Run Deep
Confessor - Alone
Cynic - Uroboric Forms
Dimmu Borgir - Burn in Hell
Sear Bliss - Birth of Eternity
Malebolgia - Born of the Nephelim
Deeds of Flesh - Cleansed By Fire
Slough Feg - White Cousin
Brocas Helm - Helm's Deep
Carcass - Buried Dreams (r)
Autopsy - Charred Remains
Nuclear Assault - Nuclear War
Forbidden - Chalice of Blood
Lord Vicar - Pillars Under Water
Spiritus Mortis - Beware of the Quiet One
The Crown - 1999 - Revolution 666

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sudden Death Overtime: Friday April 24th 2009


Castrofate - Fear
Rumplestiltskin Grinder - Graveyard Vandalization
Disillusion - And the Mirror Cracked
Frantic Bleep - ...But a Memory
Primordial - As Rome Burns
Woods of Ypres - Darkest Blues: The Relief that Nothing Can Be Done
Warblade - The Sirens of Titan
Dissection - Soulreaper
Warning - Footprints
Reverend Bizarre - Funeral Summer
Emperor - In the Wordless Chamber (live)
Dimmu Borgir - Metal Heart
Kreator - Destroy What Destroys You
Deceased - It's Alive!
Bison B.C.
- The Curse
- Quiet Earth
Halford - Silent Screams (r)
Heaven and Hell - Neverwhere
Slough Feg - The Hunchback of Notre Doom

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sudden Death Overtime: Thursday April 23rd 2009


Death - Overactive Imagination
Cynic - Celestial Voyage
Spiritus Mortis - All This in the Name of Love
The Gates of Slumber - Children of Satan
Korpiklaani - Tapporauta
Finntroll - Midnattens Widuner
Cauldron - Conjure the Mass
Wolf - Curse you Salem
Slough Feg - Simian Manifesto
Heaven and Hell - Follow the Tears
Absu - Amy
Emporer - Curse You All Men (live)
Dark Angel - Darkness Descends
Possessed - Evil Warriors
Bison B.C.
- Slow Hand Of Death
- Wartime
Brutal Truth
- Walking Corpse
- Birth of Ignorance
- Godplayer
- I Killed My Family (why die cover)
- Dead Smart
- Powder Burn
Obscura - The Anticosmic Overload
Abysmal Dawn - Compulsory Resurrection
Morgana Lefay - Over and Over Again
Jag Panzer - Frozen in Fear

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sudden Death Overtime: Wednesday April 22nd 2009


Kreator - Radical Resistance
Razor of Occam - Heat of Battle
Woods of Ypres - The Sun Was In My Eyes (Part 2)
My Dying Bride - Bring Me Victory
Heaven and Hell - Eating the Cannibals
Wolf - Speed On
Slough Feg - Ape Uprising
Bison B.C. - Stokasaurus
High on Fire - Fury Whip
Lazarus AD
- Absolute Power
- Revolution
Skeleton Witch
- Sacrifice for the Slaughtered
- Vengeance Will Be Mine
Iron Maiden - Deja Vu (r)
Megadeth - Secret Place (r)
Stratovarius - The Curtains Are Falling (r)
Helloween - Where the Rain Grows
Goatwhore - Desolate Path to Apocalyptic Ruin
Amon Amarth - Abandoned
Brutal Truth
- Walking Corpse
- Perpetual Conversion
- On the Hunt
Tardy Brothers - Bloodline
Obituary - Back Inside

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sudden Death Overtime: Tuesday April 21st 2009

Playlist (Flight 666 Special):

Iron Maiden
- Transylvania
- Intro: Churchill's Speech (Live After Death)
- Aces High (Live After Death)
- 2 Minutes to Midnight (Live After Death)
- The Trooper (Live, from 2003 Trooper Single)
- Revelations (Live After Death)
- Wasted Years
- The Number of the Beast (Death on the Road)
- Can I Play With Madness (A Real Live One)
- Rime of the Ancient Mariner (Live After Death)
- Powerslave (Live After Death)
- Heaven Can Wait (A Real Live One)
- Run to the Hills (Rock in Rio)
- Fear of the Dark (A Real Live One)
- Iron Maiden (Monsters of Rock Donnington '88)
- Moonchild
- The Clairvoyant (A Real Live One)
- Hallowed Be Thy Name (Beast Over Hammersmith)

Lazarus AD - Last Breath
Skeleton Witch - Beyond the Permafrost
Amon Amarth - Once Sent from the Golden Hall

Sudden Death Overtime: Monday April 20th 2009


Black Sabbath - Sweet Leaf
Cathedral - Midnight Mountain
Bongzilla - High Like a Dog
Electric Wizard - Satanic Rites of Drugula
Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Moral Distortion
Cephalic Carnage - Hybrid
Eyehategod - Take As Needed For Pain
Rwake - Inverted Overtures
Emperor - Thus Spake The Nightspirit (live)
Goatwhore - Baptized in a Storm of Swords
Skeleton Witch - Remains of the Defeated
Coroner - Absorbed
Brutal Truth - Get a Therapist... Spare the World
Mumakil - Mass Murder Institution
Obscura - Cosmogenesis
Gorguts - Nostalgia
Hellsaw - The Black Death
Absu - Night Fire Canonization
Metalucifer - Heavy Metal Chainsaw
Iron Maiden - Innocent Exile (live)
Nuclear Assault - Fight to Be Free
Exodus - Deliver us to Evil
Queensryche - Anarchy-X + Revolution Calling (r)
Wolf - Blood Angel

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sudden Death Overtime: Friday April 17th 2009


Grave - Rise
Dismember - Shadows of the Mutilated
Cradle of Filth - Tragic Kingdom
Dimmu Borgir - The Serpentine Offering
Lazarus AD - Absolute Power
Mantic Ritual - One By One
Tardy Brothers - Bring You Down
Asphyx - Streams of Ancient Wisdom
Helloween - Halloween
Napalm Death
- Moral Crusade/Worlds Apart/M.A.D. (Peel Sessions)
- Hung
Manilla Road - Imperious Rise
Slauter Xstroyes - City of Cirtel
Pagan Altar - Dance of the Druids
Iron Maiden - Phantom of the Opera (Reading '82)
Suffocation - Infecting the Crypts
Bloodbath - Blasting the Virginborn
Trouble - Victim of the Insane
Candlemass - Under the Oak
Midnight - Unholy and Rotten
Toxic Holocaust - Feedback, Blood, and Distortion + 666

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sudden Death Overtime: Thursday April 16th 2009


Heaven and Hell - Bible Black
Bruce Dickinson - The Darkside of Aquarius
Razor of Occam - Shadow of the Cross
Lazarus A.D. - Thou Shall Not Fear
My Dying Bride - Fall With Me
Woods of Ypres - The Thrill of the Struggle
Kataklysm - Stormland
Napalm Death - On The Brink of Extinction
Vehemence - Made For Her Jesus
Dismember - Casket Garden
Pestilence - Dehydrated II
Burning Human - Chemical Experimentation
Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
Tardy Brothers - Fade Away
Amon Amarth - Where is Your God?
Brutal Truth - Evolution Through Revolution
Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Hung From the Rising Sun
Orodruin - Claw Tower
Pale Divine - The Eyes of Destiny
Melechesh - Of Mercury and Mercury
Absu - Between the Absu of Eridu & Erech

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sudden Death Overtime: Wednesday April 14th 2009


Wolves in the Throne Room - Ex Cathedra
Burning Human - As Good as Dead
Tardy Brothers - Fate's Call
Warblade - The Art of War
At The Gates - Slaughter of the Soul
Anvil - Strength of Steel
Manowar - Hail to England
Exodus - Bonded By Blood (2008)
Anthrax - Deathrider (2004)
Mumakil - Black Sheep
Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Timelord Zero (Chronovore)
Brutal Truth - Daybreaker
Mantic Ritual - Murdered to Death
Rumplestiltskin Grinder - Nothing Defeats the Skull
Amon Amarth - The Pursuit of Vikings
Unleashed - I Am God
Judas Priest - Victim of Changes (live)
Iron Maiden - Afraid to Shoot Strangers (live)
Napalm Death - The Great and the Good
Toxic Holocaust - Endless Armageddon
Emporer - I Am The Black Wizards
Absu - 13 Globes (r)
The Accused - Martha Splatterhead
D.R.I. - I Don't Need Society + Give My Taxes Back
My Dying Bride - Bring Me Victory

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sudden Death Overtime: Tuesday April 14th 2009

Two-fer Tuesday

Brutal Truth - Afterworld + Perpetual Conversion
Agoraphobic Nosebleed - First National Stem Cell and Clone + Doctored Results
Tardy Brothers - Deep Down
Obituary - Turned Inside Out (live)
Heaven and Hell - Bible Black
Black Sabbath - The Sign of the Southern Cross
Napalm Death - Display to Me... + Procrastination of the Empty Vessel
Pestilence - Commandments + In Sickness and Death
Mercyful Fate - At the Sound of the Demon Bell
King Diamond - A Mansion in Darkness
Amon Amarth - Free Will Sacrifice + The Fate of Norns
Carcass - Carneous Cacoffiny
Arch Enemy - Fields of Desolation
Iron Maiden - Sanctuary + Charlotte the Harlot + 22 Acacia Avenue
Slough Feg - Highlander
Hammers of Misfortune - Chastity Rides

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sudden Death Overtime: Friday April 10th 2009

Bad Friday Special!

Dimmu Borgir - Spellbound (By The Devil)
The Project Hate MCMXCIX - I Smell Like Jesus... Dead
Hellhammer - Crucifixion
Nunslaughter - I Hate Christians
Megadeth - Looking Down The Cross
Forbidden - Chalice of Blood
Rotting Christ - Thine is the Kingdom (r)
Ninnghizhidda - Fools of Christ
Venom - In League With Satan
Sabbat (JP) - Satan is Beautiful
Immolation - Crown The Liar
Incantation - Decimate Christendom
Hour of 13 - Call To Satan
Brocas Helm - Drink the Blood of the Priest
Deathchain - Napalm Satan
The Crown - Total Satan
Sabbat (UK) - Behind The Crooked Cross
Morgana Lefay - Victim of the Inquisition
Marduk - Jesus Christ... Sodomized
Dark Funeral - Satan's Mayhem
Manilla Road - Divine Victim
Astral Doors - From Satan With Love
Slayer - Jesus Saves
Sarcofago - Christ's Death
Sodom - Christ Passion
Mercyful Fate - The Oath
Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sudden Death Overtime: Thursday April 9th 2009

Thrash Metal Thursday Returns!

The Haunted - Dark Intentions + Bury Your Dead
Exhorder - Death in Vain
Megadeth - Hook in Mouth
Metallica - Disposable Heroes
Kreator - Betrayer
Sodom - Sodomy and Lust (live)
Mantic Ritual - By The Cemetary
Overkill - Deny the Cross
Testament - Apocalyptic City (live)
Slayer - War Ensemble (live)
Nuclear Assault - When Freedom Dies
Hirax - Demons Forces
Exodus - Chemi-Kill + Fabulous Disaster (r)
D.R.I. - I'd Rather Be Sleeping + Commuter Man + Bail Out (r)
S.O.D. - Speak English Or Die
Torture Squad - The Beast Within
Sepultura - Dead Embryonic Cells
Death Angel - Evil Priest
Whiplash - Snake Pit
Anthrax - Madhouse
Violence - Eternal Nightmare
Destruction - Reject Emotions

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sudden Death Overtime: Wednesday April 8th 2009


Wolves in the Throne Room - Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog
Brutal Truth - Evolution Through Revolution
Mumakil - Black Sheep
Lazarus AD - Absolute Power
Torture Squad - Twilight for All Mankind
Heaven and Hell - Bible Black
Grand Magus - Beyond Good and Evil
Cathedral - Fountain of Innocence (r)
High on Fire - Brother in the Wind
Napalm Death - Time Waits for No Slave
Immolation - World Agony
Virus - Archives
Primordial - No Nation On This Earth
Wolf - Ravenous
Crystal Viper - Metal Nation
Helloween - March of Time (r)
Iron Maiden - Remember Tomorrow
Nachtmystium - Worldfall
Sigh - The Dead Sing
Slough Feg - Poison Treasures

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sudden Death Overtime: Tuesday April 7th 2009


Mayhem - Freezing Moon
Darkthrone - Where Cold Winds Blow
Immortal - In My Kingdom Cold
Satyricon - My Skin is Cold
Slauter Xstroyes - Winter Kill
Overlorde - Snow Giant
Deceased - Frozen Screams
Sodom - Nuclear Winter
Cradle of Filth - Queen of Winter, Throned (r)
Dissection - Frozen
The Gates of Slumber - Ice Worm
The Lamp of Thoth - Frost and Fire
Wintersun - Winter Madness
Children of Bodom - Northern Comfort
Black Sabbath - Snowblind
Iron Maiden - Stranger in a Strange Land
Judas Priest - Winter/Deep Freeze/Winter Retreat
Crimson Glory - Lady of Winter
Blind Guardian - Noldor (Dead Winter Reigns)
Iced Earth - Iced Earth (DoP)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sudden Death Overtime: Monday April 6th 2009


Immolation - The Swarm
Incantation - Blasphemy
Wolf - Hail Caeser
Twisted Tower Dire - Starshine
Tardy Brothers - Bloodline
Pestilence - Resurrection Macabre
Cynic - Evolutionary Sleeper
Obscura - Desolate Spheres
Woods of Ypres - Through Chaos and Solitude I Came...
Agalloch - ...And the Great Cold Death of the Earth
Naer Mataron - Blast Furnace
Dissection - Unhallowed
Candlemass - At The Gallows End
Doomshine - The Cross
Iron Maiden - Prowler (live '05)
Iced Earth - Slave To The Dark
Borknagar - The Eye of Oden
Enslaved - Entrance-Escape
Anthrax - Among The Living
Megadeth - Tornado of Souls
Nocturnus - Standing in Blood
Gorguts - A Path Beyond Premonition