Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sudden Death Overtime: Wednesday April 8th 2009


Wolves in the Throne Room - Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog
Brutal Truth - Evolution Through Revolution
Mumakil - Black Sheep
Lazarus AD - Absolute Power
Torture Squad - Twilight for All Mankind
Heaven and Hell - Bible Black
Grand Magus - Beyond Good and Evil
Cathedral - Fountain of Innocence (r)
High on Fire - Brother in the Wind
Napalm Death - Time Waits for No Slave
Immolation - World Agony
Virus - Archives
Primordial - No Nation On This Earth
Wolf - Ravenous
Crystal Viper - Metal Nation
Helloween - March of Time (r)
Iron Maiden - Remember Tomorrow
Nachtmystium - Worldfall
Sigh - The Dead Sing
Slough Feg - Poison Treasures

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