Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sudden Death Overtime: Wednesday October 21st, 2009


Ayreon - Into the Black Hole
Stormlord - Mare Nostrum
Zyklon - Chaos Deathcult
Axenstar -  Enchantment
Stratovarius - Millenium
Crucifist - Honor
Usurper - Dismal Wings of Terror
Chthonic - Bloody Gaya Fulfilled
Dimmu Borgir - Allegiance
Morningstar - Pagan Funeral
Satan's Host - Into the Veil
Suffocation - Infecting the Crypts
Morbid Angel - Chapel of Ghouls (live)
Blind Guardian - Imaginations From the Other Side
Helloween - Where the Rain Grows
Naglfar - Horncrowned Majesty
Belphegor - The Crosses Made of Bone
Chthonic - Summon of China + Forty-Nine Theurgy Chains
Iron Maiden - Paschendale

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