Friday, July 10, 2009

Sudden Death Overtime: Friday, July 10th 2009

Playlist (Festering Friday - All death metal today!):

Death - Scream Bloody Gore
Pestilence - Commandments
Cannibal Corpse - Shredded Humans
Carcass - Reek of Putrefaction
Bolt Thrower - World Eater
Asphyx - Evocation
Entombed - Left Hand Path
Dismember - Deathevocation
Convulse - World Without God
Hypocrisy - God is a Lie
Autopsy - Funereality
Obituary - Slowly We Rot (live)
Immolation - Dawn of Possession
Incantation - Shadows From the Ancient Empire
Grave - Morbid Way to Die
God Dethroned - Hordes of Lucifer
Morbid Angel - Immortal Rites (live)
Deicide - Dead But Dreaming
The Chasm - Brand the Mournful Liberation
Suffocation - Breeding the Spawn
Six Feet Under - Burning Blood
Broken Hope - Incinerated
Gorguts - Nostalgia
Cynic - Veil of Maya

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