Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sudden Death Overtime: Wednesday July 29th, 2009


Anaal Nathrakh - The Lucifer Effect
Throne of Katarsis - An Eternal Dark Horizon
Lazarus AD - Last Breath
Exodus - Deliver Us To Evil
Stratovarius - Deep Unknown
Blind Guardian - Precious Jerusalem
Suffocation - Cataclysmic Purification
Cannibal Corpse - Born in a Casket
Abdicate - Relinquish the Throne
Dysentery - The Entity Within
Savatage - Beyond the Doors of the Dark
Pagan Altar - Samhein
Angel Witch - Sorcerers
Iron Maiden - Phantom of the Opera
- Finished With You
- Last Impressions
- The Provenance of Clouds
- Then and Again
Hail of Bullets - Warsaw Rising
Obituary - Payback
Asphyx - The Saw, The Torture, The Pain

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