Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sudden Death Overtime: Tuesday July 21st, 2009


Warblade - The Art of War
Dark Tranquillity - The Dividing Line
Ludicra - Why Conquer?
Hammers of Misfortune - The August Engine pt. 2
Mantic Ritual - Executioner
Red Right Hand - Do You In
Overlorde - Snow Giant
Twilight Odyssey - Near Dark
Primordial - Empire Falls
Anthrax - Medusa
Whiplash - Snake Pit
Grim Reaper - See You in Hell
Anvil - Future Wars
Iron Maiden - For the Greater Good of God
Ogre - The Gas
Apostle of Solitude - A Slow Suicide
Voivod - Voivod
Sodom - Sodomy and Lust
Accept - Princess of the Dawn
Running Wild - Victim of States Power

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